provided service by SIA “Baltā Avēnija”:

  • design, organization, improvement and care of gardens and parks;
  • laying out coverings for grounds and pathes;
  • design, organization, cultivitation and care of winter and roof gardens;
  • design and organization of watering systems;
  • organization of banks of the ponds and forcements of slopes;
  • organization of lawns;
  • consultance service in design and organization of parks and gardens.

Designing of gardens and landscapes

The landscape is formed by all elements that can be seen around us – terrain, water, buildings, grounds, roads, sky, plants, colours and lights. Landscape architecture is arrangement of all those above mentioned elements in order to gain an optimal application and the most possible esthetic enjoyment.
An ideal version is when the design of the living house and design of the green area around it are made at the same time. Ir means – the landscape architect, the building architect and the owner of the house successfully cooperate.
It does not matter – a large public area or a small private garden – together with the regulations of usage of the area , display of buildings and roads, green area, the project provides information about the amount of work, materials, working process and costs.

Reconstruction of gardens

Years are passing and generations are changing, also their living places, habits and life style are changing. It makes neccessity to change garden. Before the reconstruction process the old garden inventory is neccessary -to estimate an esthetic and historical value of each plant. In cooperation with owners and with their acceptance it will be agreed what and how cardinal changes will be made with aim to make the garden functional and a pleasant place for the owner.

Forcements of slopes and banks

In influence of water and wind, on slopes, embankments of roads and banks ground sliding is often seen. Depending on the slope and length, materials and methods for the forcement are chosen. Gently sloping places can be well forced by lawns and plants. For steep slopes support walls are arranged and also plants are used. For forcement, local natural materials can be used, as well as modern geosynthetic materials. Those materials according to demands can be combined with lawns or plants. With reasonable and creative work, sometimes sliging slopes and areas can be forced and improved but also turned into beautiful landscapes and places that can be used for living and rest.

Roof garden

Roof gardens or greened roofs are roofs of buildings partially or completely covered in plants. It is also common to set plants on balconies and even walls, if it is provided for in the design of the building. If you wish to create a roof garden on an already finished building, it is better if you get professionals to do this, because many factors would have to be considered. It would be necessary to calculate the additional load on the building due to the specialised roof decking, plants, humid soil, layer of snow, furniture and strength of wind. Furthermore, one should consider the drainage of water used in watering plants, if drought-tolerant plants that are intended for roof gardens and do not need watering are not going to be used.

Although creating a roof garden is a complicated task, especially if the building is already finished, people choose to set plants on the roofs of their houses both as an original idea and for the environmental advantages they offer. Such roofs decrease air pollution in the immediate environment, because the plants capture dust and toxic fumes from the air. Apart from that, these roofs are excellent heat insulators, which make the house heat up more slowly in hot weather, and cool down less in winter: the costs of heating in winter and cooling in hot summer can as much as 20% lower. The green blanket of plants also absorbs sound waves and reduces the noise level by 2—10 decibels.

Creating a roof garden is a way to provide a house with a unique image, highlight its owner’s individuality and style, and to live in a greener environment. A roof garden can become the most eye-catching element of your property!

Winter garden

In the beginning, winter gardens were arranged as rooms to keep plants for winter period that were grown in the gardens of castles and palaces, Also nowadays, people do not want to leave their loved plants after summer period and are willing to provide them proper place for surviving winter. Arranging winter garden, you gain an opportunity to have your own place for relaxation and enjoyment of nature. Rooms, full of light, can be used for different events, they are original and especially individual for your place.